Saturday, 18 November 2017

Kelly Tarltons

On Wednesday the 25th of October 2017 room 9 and room 10 went on a bus to Kelly Tarltons to learn about marine animals.
We saw lots of marine species inside  the tank and i was so thrilled and excited to see this.

First i actually saw a sea turtle  and it was so amazing that  i had to touch the window because to be close to it.

After that we were learnt about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott. There was  had no electricity in  Antarctica so  all they had was just lamps at that time.Robert Scott was a famous explorer in Antarctica and when Robert Scott tried to return home none of them survived. We also saw the   bunk beds they slept on.

Then we went on to see the penguins and Mrs Elia and i was looking at the bones of the penguin and we saw that the penguin’s neck was very long.
I enjoyed my visit to Kelly Tarltons and  learning about marine animals.
by Isileli

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